pawsNEWPRETTYPAWS.gif (4462 bytes)          


This handsome guy is out of the 2014 litter Maddie & Konrad had!

Thanks for sharing his picture with us Leighann!





Mystic & Harvick boy!



1st Birthday (Sasha &  Reese) boy!!



This is Razzy! She is a Sasha/Ash baby!

This is Chester! Handsom Choc/tan Piebald!



                                                                                                                    DSCN0563.jpg (9577 bytes) 

                                                                                              " MINNIE" (dapple) living with the Tess family in California !                                                                                           

amandahalo.jpg (14014 bytes)                                                                                    

HALO taking it easy at his new home in California living with Amanda!

                                                                                                                   feeleypict.jpg (10705 bytes) This is Minnie's sister Princess who is                                                                                                                                                                                     living with the Feehley family in                                                                                                                                                                                      Savannah GA!!!         

    jay puppy past.jpg (6250 bytes) Lacy lives with the Jay family in Mississippi!!


                                                                                                                        princess savananhlamb.jpg (10838 bytes) This is Savannah she lives with the                                                                                                                                                                                                    Lamb family in Atlanta!!

marvell puppy.jpg (5537 bytes) This is Pork she lives in New York with the Marvell family!!

                                                                                                                                           leepuppy.jpg (10318 bytes)    This is Dakota he                                                                                                                                                                                                                  lives in Texas with                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Christie!!

           specklesnew home.jpg (10100 bytes)  Speckles at his new home in PA living with the Grushinski family!!!


                                                                                                                                                                                sam.jpg (4608 bytes)

                                                                                                                                                                            Hi my name is Sam and I live with the

                                                                                                                                                                                      McDaniel family in MS

                                                                                                                          sam15mth.jpg (7443 bytes) This is Sam at 15 months old !!

pink 3.jpg (6189 bytes) This is Pink who lives with Tiffany Brown!!

                                                                                                                                        Kobi-Tooie2004_0918(012).jpg (10837 bytes)  Kobi-Tooie2004_0918(004).jpg (6466 bytes)

                                                                                                                              This is Tooie who know lives at Silver City Kennel with                                                                                                                                                Tonya and her family!!

                                                                                                                   tooie4mths.jpg (10050 bytes) Tooie at a little over 4 months old !!

                                                                                                         tooie6months.jpg (13139 bytes) Tooie at a little over 6 months old !!

maggiemcleod.jpg (4560 bytes) This is Maggie she lives in Alabama

                                                            with the McLeod family!!

                                                                                                   This is Shadow who lives with Jerome!        jeromepupshadow.jpg (4036 bytes)                


past pinto.jpg (7284 bytes)  This is Pinto who lives in Oregon with the

                                                    Bannon family & his big sister BEE!!       

pinto4months.jpg (9775 bytes)  pinto0.jpg (6227 bytes)    pinto10.jpg (12979 bytes)

                                  Pinto at 3.5 months old !!                                 Pinto & Big sister Bee !!



                                                                                                                                              dexter.jpg (10131 bytes)

                                                                                                                     This is Dexter.  He lives with Danielle & Jose Cordero in                                                                                                                       Jacksonville FL !!

lil buck.jpg (9045 bytes)  This is Lil Buck (Carrie & Sterling's baby)

                                                          She lives with  Alicia & Nate in Savannah GA !!


lilbuck.jpg (12002 bytes) This is also Lil Buck !!

                                                                                                                      barkley20.jpg (2338 bytes)     barkely.jpg (2354 bytes)  barkely0.jpg (3234 bytes)

                                                                                              This is Barkley (10 wks old) who lives with David in FL (this is Sunny & Rebel's baby) !


bree.jpg (12313 bytes)  bree2.jpg (11177 bytes)  bree3.jpg (8534 bytes)

                                            This is Bree !!                                             (this picture was taken on her 1st birthday!!)


I thought I would send you some pics of Bree - she turns 1 today!! I have a better one on my computer at home but this is a few months ago... I will send you the more recent one later. She has been the most fantastic dog - with the biggest personality I've ever seen. My husband and I never thought we could love anything this much - but we wouldn't have it any other way.

Thank you so much for bringing Bree to us!



                 stuart3.jpg (16190 bytes)         stuart2.jpg (8700 bytes)        stuart.jpg (7551 bytes)

                      Stuart is Sunny & Rebel's baby that was born in Dec. 2004    He weighed 50 lbs at( 4.5 months old)

Stuart is doing great and we are really enjoying him. At his last vet

appointment he weighed 50lbs. He is going to be big!!

I took some pictures of him and attached them for you to see. One of his

favorite spots is on the top step of the pool. When we first got him we had

to watch him constantly around the pool because he was so little. But now

he swims very well and knows where the steps are so he can get out on his

own. He loves to fetch and we have been able to teach the basic sit, come,

stay commands. He is very well tempered and we are really enjoying having


Hope you enjoy the pictures....Thank you again.




                                                              Sable52105.jpg (21197 bytes)  sable8weeks.jpg (10958 bytes)

                                                            This is Sable!!

                                                                She lives with the Roberts family.  (Rover & Pepper's little girl)


coco surprise.jpg (15855 bytes) 

Finally I have for you the picture of Smores aka “CoCo” when she was given to my daughter Bonnie for her 11th birthday.

Two months have passed now and CoCo is beloved by Bonnie, her softball team, and everyone she meets.  She is a wonderful, smart, sweet dog!

I’ll send another photo of CoCo when she’s a little older.

 Thanks again,

Melissa H. Branch


       lucy1.jpg (11771 bytes)  lucy2.jpg (29217 bytes)    lucy3.jpg (20896 bytes)

This is Lucy !!  She lives with Kelly in Virginia !

(mitzi & boagie's little girl)



edelweiss.jpg (23453 bytes)

This is Edelweiss !!  She lives with the Doderick family !

Isn't she beautiful !!

Her parent's are Sterling & Brooke



georgia.jpg (28798 bytes)   georgia2.jpg (6663 bytes)  gergia00.jpg (51182 bytes)


Her parents are Inka & Bruiser !!




spike.jpg (13122 bytes)  

This is SPIKE.  He lives in Virginia with Beth and her family !!

This is Skittles & Boagie's little boy.



                      Rosco 8-21-05.jpg (9340 bytes)   Rosco 8-21-2005.jpg (11289 bytes)   Rosco 08-21-2005.jpg (8822 bytes)


This is " SPORT " 

His new name is Roscoe. 



riley.jpg (17669 bytes) RILEY5M.jpg (21620 bytes)

This is " Riley "

She lives with Becky & family !!

(Boagie & Daisys pup)



kayden.jpg (14859 bytes)      kayden2.jpg (15754 bytes)

This is Inka & Bruisers little girl !!

hello brandi,

this is john donkar and athena mellas sending you some pics of Kayden Donkar our black and tan piebald

female that we purchsed from you about 5 weeks ago. She is a great puppy, a fast learner and sweet.

We are extremely happy with our purchase and she has made a great addition to our family.

Also Lainey our other red min dachshund loves her too. Thank you again and we will send you pics

when she is a year old. She is only 5.0lbs right now and the vet says that she won't get much bigger. 




tippy2.jpg (7963 bytes)   tippy.jpg (11834 bytes)  tippy3.jpg (7339 bytes)

This is Tippy !!   He lives with Maggie in New York !

This is Pickle & Luckys little boy !!



Robinway 006.jpg (9407 bytes)  Robinway 008.jpg (9413 bytes)

This is Louis and his big brother Norman !

Louis (the dachshund) is Daisy & Boagies puppy !

They live with Melanie in Ohio !



Picture054.jpg (17869 bytes)

This is Manolo.   He lives in New York.

This is Inka & Sterling boy!!



Annabelle  Pinky.jpg (20225 bytes)





bboy3.jpg (14156 bytes)   bboy2.jpg (12462 bytes)  booy.jpg (10130 bytes)

bb.jpg (25490 bytes)





freckles.bmp (518454 bytes)

This is Bruiser & Inkas boy !!

Hi Brandi...just wanted to let you know the pup is doing good. We named him freckles. He is sleeping on my lap right now, but has been playing with my youngest girl Dolly...they seem to hit it off right away. I thank you so much for letting him come to live with us. He will be well cared for and spoiled to perfection. I will keep in touch and get his papers after Christmas...thanks a bunch.




charlie.jpg (19279 bytes)

This is Charlie !! (Bandit & Pumpkins boy)




izzi2.jpg (15509 bytes)   izzi.jpg (14390 bytes)

This is Izzi.   Rosey & Bandit are her parents!!



Buddy.jpg (16732 bytes)   Buddy2.jpg (15213 bytes)

This is Buddy !!  Inka & Bruisers little boy !

He lives in Flordia with the Droste family !!



butts9wk.jpg (16590 bytes)

Butter & Sterlings boy !!

These 2 boys have went to live with

Jordon & Baylor Sims !!


dog_cl03.gif (2139 bytes)

isschocm7wks00.jpg (14888 bytes)

Brock & Isabells little guy !!




100_1036.jpg (10200 bytes)

This is OZ.  Sterling & Brooks little boy!  He lives in NC with Mary !



sugarnc2.jpg (10554 bytes)  sugarns.jpg (10741 bytes)

This is SUGAR with her new babies.   Sugar is Butter & Boagies little girl !

SUGAR now lives in Nova Scotia Canada with Cathy !!




cwg7.jpg (9513 bytes)  crg2.jpg (12757 bytes)  crg.jpg (25256 bytes)

This is Rover & Carla's little girl !!


Hi Brandi, Lilly is doing great. Loves her new friend Bailey and she's

working on her house breaking. She is very independent and determined to

keep up with Bailey. She's a little dog who can hold her own. She makes

me laugh everyday and I am enjoying her very much. She's very well

behaved. Thank you so much. I will send a few pictures in another email.

Again thank you, Wendy



gingerwebb.jpg (37941 bytes)


Hey Brandi,

I'm sending you a picture of our little dapple dachshund Ginger.  We got her about this time last year.  She is one of Boagie and Daisy's puppies.  We just celebrated her 1st birthday.  She's a wonderful dog with lots of energy, who craves attention.  She is the "queen" of our house (or atleast she thinks she is).  And as you can see from the picture, she loves to play fetch.  She has been a great addition to our family.

Brandi and Noel






Here's an updated picture of Lucy. She is 4 months old now and is doing well. She has an adorable personality. I think that she believes she is the "queen of the house."

Rhonda Anderson


alfie2.jpg (39349 bytes)




KB.jpg (10608 bytes)  KB2.jpg (10484 bytes)





mrb2.jpg (24936 bytes)

Brooke & Pluto's little Blue & Tan boy

He lives with Angela !!



 aaaaaaaaa.jpg (20130 bytes) aaaa.jpg (11022 bytes)  





reese1.jpg (15491 bytes)  reese2.jpg (14014 bytes)  reese3.jpg (11881 bytes)

Reese Ray Jones --proud parents Tilford & Nina Jones Evansville, IN

(Berkley & Brock's little boy!)



Aug.Sept Guiness Pictures 024.jpg (12229 bytes)   Aug.Sept Guiness Pictures 042.jpg (22003 bytes)   Aug.Sept Guiness Pictures 029.jpg (7302 bytes)

(Berkley & Brock's little boy!)



       This is our sweet baby Guinness. He is one of Berkley and Brocks babies. We have had  him for a month now and he is just been the best baby in the world. We could not have asked for a better puppy. I thought I would send you some pictures of him at his new home with us in Florida so you could see how he is growing.

The Dwyer's



Brinkley is a red piebald male out of Pluto & Pumpkin  !!


We were sorry to miss you the day we came to pick up the puppy-(“Brinkley”).

It was a pleasure meeting Peyton, and he was very helpful. I just wanted to drop a line, to let you know “Brinkley” is a joy and everyone loves him. He is now 11 weeks and doing great, he is so popular that at the groomers in Richmond Hill “Hoof and Woof”,

They wanted his photo for their boutique.

Brinkley is a wonderful addition to our family and will be for years to come.

 Thank you again…

 Susan and Lannie Richardson

 Richmond Hill, Georgia


 Match.jpg (13785 bytes)    match2.jpg (14237 bytes)   match3.jpg (12063 bytes)

This is Match !!  Pickle & Isabells little boy !!



salty.jpg (10134 bytes)


Hi, Brandi

Just wanted to give you a little report from Salty.   She is doing very well.  She is sweet and she can also be saucy – I love her!!  The “potty” training is going great; she likes her little crate/kennel, but does not like to be left alone at night.  Still, she’s only waking up 2X a night. 

The Vet in Rincon gave her a good bill of health, and did not give her any additional shots.  He recommended we take her to our local Vet within 7-10 days, so she is going for a visit on Friday of this week. 

I thought you might like to see her latest photo………. if it’s possible, I think she has actually grown since we picked her up last Friday!









This is Crystal she lives with the Huntoon family !!



This is Tinsley!!


Butter with her new mom!



Chipper is Sugar & Spence's son !! (chocolate/tan dachshund)



Hi Brandi-

I just wanted to send you some recent pictures of our Scarlett. We are really enjoying life with her and she is becoming very spoiled, as you can see. She has a great temperament and is a very happy puppy. She does become feisty and sassy at times, but its very cute on her. She loves cuddling on the couch under a blanket after a long day of chasing our 15 pound cat around the backyard. J Thanks again for bringing her into our lives. Shes very special to us. Ill send more pictures soon.


Jason, Tracey, and Elizabeth



This is Katie a Peek a Poo !

She lives with the Reddings !









Here are some recent pictures of Scarlett at the beach on St. Simons. She wasnt crazy about the water, but loved chasing the birds and other dogs. She is about 6 pounds now and is spoiled rotten. She sleeps under the covers in our bed every night and goes for rides in the golf cart almost every day. She is such a sweet dog; we really enjoy having her in the family.

Tracey Rogers


Hello Brandi:
Salty Dog is now 2 years and 8 months old....she's turned out to be a delightful member of the family....spunky, lively, loves to run, and has a gentle and sweet's a picture taken last weekend of Salty with grand daughter Morgan.
Be well,
Dick and Jo Wall
Tallahassee FL






This is one of Ranger & Ginger's boys born in April 2008!



This is Bridgett & Reese's little Isabella/tan boy !!




This beautiful girl is one of Ginger & Ranger's babies.  She lives with  John L. Alexander

Hi Zeaglers,
Georgia is doing really well for her age. 2 y 11 months now. She has her CD in akc OB; she has 2 Passes in HRC Finished level, needs 2 more for her CH there; she has 3 Passes in AKC Master Hunter, needs 3 more for title there, and would also qualify her for the Nationals this fall (6). We will be running March 19 at Thomasville, Ga trying for her 4th. April 15 we'll be at Perry, Ga for the Valdosta Kennel Club OB trials. She do her first leg of the OPEN A level, then on to Rembert, SC for another Master test that saturday and sunday.
How is Ranger doing and Ginger? Here are a couple of pics of GA. take care, John Alexander
John L. Alexander




This is Kaylie.  Sterling & Smores are her parents !!



Chocolate Based Red - Sage & Sterling's son

Dilute Red Piebald with Cream - Smores & Corky's daughter

Issabella/tan Piebald - Cookie & Reese's daughter

Thanks So Much

The DeLoach Family

Andrew, Terra, Kameron, Tanner, and Chase

This is Nilla at her new home!



Hi Brandi, this is Tyler & Heather.
I just wanted to write to you and tell you how much we are enjoying our puppy. Her name is Paisley and although we've only had her a few days, she is really doing awesome here in her new home. My family all love her and Heather and I are having a blast (minus potty trips in the night...). She seems to be a great dog and her personality is already showing so much!
Attached are some pictures showing what all she's been doing around here. I hope you enjoy them and thanks again for everything!
Marley & Charlie's little girl!

  This is one of our little guys at his new home!





This is one of our Peek A Poo babies that came back to visit us one day.  He is so cute in his summer haircut & he had the sweetest personality!







Hi Brandi!
  I wanted to let you know how Romeo is doing.  You were absolutely right when you said he was going to be a lover!  We adore him.  Our other doxie Rosco has really enjoyed having him around.  We didn't realize how lonely he was after loosing Frankie.  I am attaching a few photos of them for you. 
  They are both healthy happy dogs and we are grateful to you for them!
Liz Munn




Sassy with her new family Kenneth and Charlotte Upton . 



Hi Brandi-
Hope all is well.  I just wanted to send along a few pictures of Angel and let you know that she is doing great and I just adore her!  I know I told you before but I couldn't have asked for a better puppy! 



This little girl lives with Travis & Becky Morgan! She is Ruby & Harvick's little girl!



This is Rosscoman and Dollee anne!  They live with the Tucker family!


This little Blue/tan Piebald girl is Ruby & Harvick's baby!

Hey brandi. Here is the puppy you bottle fed. All i can say is ROTTEN. She is just like a little baby. When she is sleepy she wants to snuggle inside my shirt. I have never had a dog this spoiled.
She loved chillin in the pool. She only weighs 4 pounds.
We love her.

Scarlett & Magic (Lab) puppy!


Ash & Aspen's little boy!


This is Shiloh & Reese's little choc/tan piebald female! She now lives with Helen!



The Choc/tan is one of our guys! His name is Cooper!



This is a Sprite & Reese puppy! He is Blue/tan Piebald!

Hi Brandi,

I wanted to email you a couple pictures of Pedro from a couple of weeks ago. Since then he has grown SO much that we just cant believe it. He had his 12 week shots last week and was 5 lbs 2 oz! Hes on a steady diet of Nutro Ultra puppy food and his coat looks just beautiful. He is honestly the best looking Dachshund that weve ever seen and everywhere we go, no one can believe how unique and beautiful he is. Potty training is still a huge challenge, but were making progress.

Mark Sawyer


This is Max (Aspen & Ash's son) & Ruby (Peckles and Harvick's little girl)!

They are too cute!


This is Bubba! He is one of Magic & Scarlett's sons. He is still a puppy in these pics.



These are 2 beautiful girls!


This is Rain & Charlie's little girl!




This is Cali & Ash little girl!



This is Shiloh & Reese's boy!


This is a pretty little girl! She is a Peek a Poo!

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